Testing & Accreditation

To give you even greater reassurance, Serchem can offer on-site testing, quarterly or annually, as part of our added value package. Testing is carried out in compliance with all industry standards.

To help you with this task and meet the standards, we’ve developed a comprehensive service that ranges from: residual chemical analysis testing (washer disinfectors) to residual testing on manual wash sink, detergent concentrate in wash water analysis and the dose verification of manual wash sinks.

You can also rest assured that the creation of a testing report will be an absolute priority and given to you immediately after the tests for audit purposes.

Trusted service backed by respected accreditation

When it comes to quality, expertise and true value for money, you can always be sure of Serchem. And this pledge to you is backed by accreditation from a wide range of highly respected organisations.


Download ISO ISO 9001:2015 certificate

Download ISO ISO 14001:2015 certificate

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