Central Dosing Systems

From increasing safety to reducing environmental impact, our Central Dosing Systems offer a world of benefits. By replacing the traditional method of chemicals stored and dosed at each washer with a dedicated area for the storage and dispensing of bulk chemicals, efficiencies are significantly improved.

Our Dosing Systems are bespoke and designed with your team to meet your departmental requirements. Importantly, with the dosing area a considerable distance away from washers, hygiene levels are increased as maintenance work is carried out at the dosing station and not within department areas, keeping disruption to a minimum.

Naturally, the well-being of your team is always a key concern and as central storage areas can be secured, operator contact with the chemical products is minimised reducing the risk of accidents. The likelihood of chemical spillages is also greatly reduced as the containers are in one designated area, which in turn reduces manual handling. And central dosing is also better for our planet too.

Dedicated bulk storage vessels are reusable and eliminate the need to have multiple chemical drums scattered around. So that means no more inconvenient disposing of several smaller drums which in turn cuts harm to the environment. If you’d like to enjoy all the advantages of central dosing please feel free to talk with us. Our team is ready to design, tailor and supply a system to make sure that it meets the unique requirements of your site precisely.

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