+ A sharper sterile service.

From theatres through to the sterilisation and decontamination department, Serchem is with you every step to deliver total reassurance. Whether you need to keep instruments moist during the transportation from theatres to the department, or you’re looking for a very specific alkaline detergent safe for use on soft metals in the automated wash, we’re always here to deliver the right answers.

If you’d like to discuss your requirements in more detail and discover the Serchem difference, please contact us.

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+ Always think cost per dose.

It’s important to check the cost of price per dose as price per litre may not always equate to economies. Our high concentration solutions go much further and cost far less in the long run to give you real savings. This also helps you meet environmental targets with less packaging and transportation.

+ A perfect fit.

How Serchem fits into the decontamination sterile services process flow.

Dirty transport from theatre
Our pre-treatment spray is designed to assist with the bioburden breakdown on surgical instruments, plastic devices and biopsy forceps.
Manual Wash
These products are used in the sink environment to ensure that reusable medical instruments and devices such as surgical instruments are thoroughly cleaned prior to the automated process.
Thee products are designed for use in ultrasonic machines to assist with the removal of bioburden from surgical equipment and instrumentation.
Automatic Wash
We manufacture a range of automated detergents for use in washer disinfectors to comply with manufacturers' cleaning instructions.
Rinse Aids
We have a variety of rinse aids, both acidic and non-acidic, to support the automated process.

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