Instrument Maintenance

Serchem have a selection of products that can maintain the condition of your surgical instrumentation and medical devices.

Acidic Based Instrument Enhancing Detergent.

Typical Dilution Rate:
5-10mls per litre of hot water

Ordering Details:
Product Code: 106310661065
Pack Size: 1L12x1L2x5L
Global Trade Item Numbers (GTIN): 050605506023330506055060047605060550600469
  • Removes rust from stainless steel surgical instruments.
  • Removes corrosion from stainless steel surgical instruments.
  • Acidic based.
  • For use in the manual washing phase only.
  • For use with reusable surgical instruments.
  • Can be used in the cleaning / decontamination cycle to clean internal tubes and washer disinfectors to prevent residual and water scales from sticking to the chamber walls – NO INSTRUMENTS IN THE WASH.