Catering Detergent Range

Serchem can offer specialist, highly concentrated cleaning and rinsing detergents for catering and hospitality sectors. We also provide dosing solutions dependant on requirement, reducing human error and overuse of chemicals. 

Premium Rinse Agent.

Typical Dilution Rate:
1-2mls per 5 litres of final rinse water

Ordering Details:
Product Code: 10061005
Pack Size: 2x5L20L
Global Trade Item Numbers (GTIN): 0506055060332305060550603347
  • Completely safe for end user.
  • To aid in the drying process of wash wear and cutlery.
  • Promotes the reduction of rinse water surface tension.
  • Speeds up the drying process.
  • Good material compatibility.
  • For use in rinse phase via automatic dispensing systems.

Ready-To-Use Trigger Sprays & Cleaning Wipes.

Typical Dilution Rate:
Ready to use

Ordering Details:
Product Code: 70337036
Pack Size: Trigger Spray 6x750mlWipes 20 x 40
Global Trade Item Numbers (GTIN):
  • Extra large & very strong wipes.
  • Very economical.
  • Kills a range of bacteria.
  • Wipes are 260mm x 155mm.
  • Trigger sprays are unperfumed & ready to use.
  • Both pass European Standard EN1276 contact time 30 seconds.
  • Wipes – Suitable on worktops, cutting boards and kitchen equipment.
  • Spray – Spray onto surface & wipe with a clean damp cloth or disposable paper towel. For small areas spray onto cloth & wipe surface.
  • For professional use only.

Concentrate and Ready to Use.

Typical Dilution Rate:
Concentrate – Dilute with up to 50 parts of water.

Ordering Details:
Product Code: 1762/017562/14
Pack Size: Concentrate 2x5LReady to Use 6x750ml
Global Trade Item Numbers (GTIN):
  • Odourless Food Safe Cleaner.
  • Suitable for use on most hard surfaces.
  • Effective against most common forms of bacteria including MRSA.
  • Very economical.
  • Conforms to BSEN1276.
  • Can be provided in concentrate or ready to use format.
  • Ideal for use in kitchens, food preparation areas, hospitals and nursing homes.

Hygienic Washing Up Liquid & General-Purpose Detergent.

Typical Dilution Rate:
Dishwashing: Dilute 1 part with up to 160 parts in a bowl of warm water
Floors & Hard Surfaces: Dilute 1 part with up to 100 parts warm water

Ordering Details:
Product Code: 2008
Pack Size: 10x1L
Global Trade Item Numbers (GTIN):
  • Use as washing up liquid.
  • Use as general-purpose cleaner.
  • Very Economical.
  • Biodegradable.
  • For use as both a washing up liquid and a general-purpose detergent.

Oven Gel Cleaner.

Typical Dilution Rate:
Use directly

Ordering Details:
Product Code: 4003
Pack Size: 2x5L
Global Trade Item Numbers (GTIN):
  • A gel type decarboniser.
  • Classed as corrosive.
  • Effective on traditional type ovens and solid top cookers.
  • For use in domestic and commercial ovens.

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