A sharper Serchem is coming to add even more to hygiene and decontamination……..

January 2024

Trolley Washers

Serchem manufactures detergents specifically formulated for Trolley Washing purposes. As most trolleys found in the departments have a soft mental base, our innovative soft-metal-safe cleaners are the perfect solution to avoid any compatibility issues.

Super Concentrated Trolley and Bed Washing Compound.

Dilution Rate:
2-4ml per litre of wash water

Ordering Details:
Product Code: 1089101089
Pack Size: 10L20L
Global Trade Item Numbers (GTIN): 0506055060026105060550600278
  • Alternative concentrated acidic detergent specifically designed to deal with the issue of soft anodised transport trolleys.
  • Balances the wash water in decontamination process to reduce pH.
  • Aqueous solution dispensed in usual way.
  • Economical.
  • For use on instrument transportation trolleys.
  • For use on hospital beds.