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January 2024

Cleaning Sprays

Serchem supply cleaning triggers sprays, including pre-treatment foam sprays, virucidal sanitiser sprays and instrument maintenance sprays.

Enzymatic Pre-Treatment Foam Spray.

Ready to Use:
Spray directly onto soiled instruments immediately after use, ensuring full foam coverage.

Ordering Details:
Product Code: 1043104320
Pack Size: 6x750ml20L
Global Trade Item Numbers (GTIN): 0506055060049005060550601350
  • Contains enzymes to assist with bioburden breakdown.
  • Foaming nozzle on trigger spray.
  • Suitable for surgical instruments, plastic devices, biopsy forceps and dental tools.
  • Economical.
  • Immediately dissolves upon contacting blood, fats and proteins from surgical instruments.
  • Is a pH balanced solution.
  • Does not contain disinfectant.
  • Pre-treatment.
  • To moisten / breakdown bioburden.
  • For use on instrumentation and medical devices.

Sanitiser Spray.

Ready to Use:
Simply spray Clean Zone onto desired surface and then wipe with a clean cloth / wipe.  Particularly effective against MRSA.

Ordering Details:
Product Code: 1064
Pack Size: 6x750ml
Global Trade Item Numbers (GTIN): 505503301108-5
  • Biocidal spray.
  • Very effective hard surface cleaning.
  • Lightly foaming.
  • Economical.
  • Hard surfaces e.g. tables, trolleys and walls.

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