Sink Management

Benefit from the latest in dispenser technology with a common sense approach to assist technicians in the manual cleaning phase of the decontamination process. The Serchem sink management system promotes excellent ‘in use’ economical usage with ease of application ensuring a safe working environment for all members of the decontamination team.

Q10+ is a single peristaltic pump system for dosing one chemical of detergent or rinse aid, delivering a consistent measure of detergent for every cleaning process.

Serchem can offer installation and maintenance, assuring an excellent installation.  This, together with reliable tube fittings make this system the ideal dosing solution.

Product Code: Q10

  • Intuitive and easy-to-use interface.
  • Quick configuration and set up.
  • Wall bracket mounting with integrated spirit level.
  • Water resistant, durable cover.

Serchem will take direction from the department with reference to the required water level and then install a Sink Level Indicator to assist technicians to work to the correct detergent/water dilutions to achieve optimum manual cleaning results.

Serchem will then calibrate the Q10+ Dispenser Unit to the departments desired water capacity to ensure economical ‘in-use’ costings.

Product Code: 1108

  • Correct dilution rates.
  • Assists technicians.

Benefit from the Serchem thermometer to assist in the manual cleaning phase.

The meter is easy to monitor with a visible digital display to assist technicians achieve and maintain the correct water temperature during the decontamination process.

Product Code: 1109

  • Visible digital display.
  • Assists technicians.

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