Healthcare Products

Serchem have been offering a premium quality range of both Hygiene and Decontamination products and services into the Healthcare sector for over 20 years now. Our comprehensive range of alkaline, neutral, enzymatic and hybrid decontamination automated detergents are scientifically designed to deal with every aspect of decontamination. From the washer-disinfector product range to hand held sprays, Serchem caters for all your departmental requirements at an economical and competitive rate.

Serchem's enzymatic and non-enzymatic decontamination products are specifically formulated for use in endoscopy suites and sterile service departments and are world famous for producing the highest of quality detergents. Our small family business ethos allows for optimum flexibility meaning no query we receive is out of the ordinary (trust us!) but our global presence and corporation-like capability means no inquiry is too demanding.