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A wide range of branded products are available increasing our product portfolio, promoting a one-stop shop.  All branded products are carefully selected from established brands ensuring that the highest quality is maintained.  We look to continually improve our portfolio by monitoring and updating products as well as their versatility of application.   

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Cleaner sanitiser

Typical Dilution Rate: 

  • General cleaning: Dilute 1 part to 50 parts clean water, for non-distinfectant cleaning tasks
  • Disinfecting Hard Surfaces & Equipment: See Product Sheet
Ordering Details:
Product Code: 1067
Pack Size: 2x5L
Global Trade Item Numbers (GTIN):
  • Unperfumed, multi-purpose liquid cleaner and terminal disinfectant.
  • Formulated especially for use in the food and catering industry.
  • Passes EN 16777 and EN 14476; effective against enveloped viruses, including Coronavirus.
  • Kills a wide range of bacteria and yeast; passes EN 1276, EN 16615 and EN 1650.
  • Recommended for a variety of hard washable surfaces and equipment, including worktops, cutting boards, refrigerators, vending machines, shelves, floors and walls.

Typical Dilution Rate:
Use neat or for general use, dilute with up to 100 parts water.

Ordering Details:
Product Code: 1758/01
Pack Size: 5L
Global Trade Item Numbers (GTIN):
  • Agitate before use.
  • Thickened formula will cling to vertical surfaces.
  • Ideal for use where general purpose cleaning and sterilising is required.

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